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ANMOL was founded in 1986 by Ishu Datwani – a first generation jewellery entrepreneur. It has today become synonymous with the best brands in the industry. This journey has been possible because of the attitude of reinventing the brand time & again. ANMOL today is revered by top Bollywood actors & celebrities and has had the distinction of doing wedding jewellery for quite a few of the high profile Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, Malaika Arora, Urvashi Sharma & Preeti Jhangiani.

The brand is used to getting awards regularly from The Retail Jeweller India Awards, National Jewellery Awards by GJF, Indian Jeweller Awards, apart from recognition from Brand Vision India 2020 Summit & Awards and other industry bodies.

ANMOL pioneered the shift of jewellery from just being a commodity to a stronger design element. It has managed to create an aura for the brand in the mind of the consumer where she/he equates the brand with the best designs.

ANMOL has been known for not only their breathtaking designs but also their innovative marketing campaigns. In 2012, they launched the campaign ‘Era of Design’ that celebrated masterpieces created by the brand from time to time. As a brand, ANMOL is one of the most customer centric names in the industry where even today, each ANMOL patron receives personal attention from the brand custodians.

As an extension of this sentiment, the brand launched ‘Anmol Hug’ in the year 2014, an innovative loyalty program that acknowledges their relationship with their patrons. Anmol Hug touches base with their clientele from time to time using various innovative methods that attempt to create a memorable moment for an ANMOL patron. Though the brand is a preferred jewellery destination of many celebrities, ANMOL has been one of the few brands in the space to acknowledge ‘Real Women’ as a celebrity and as an extension of the same belief, they launched the campaign ‘Real women Love Anmol in 2015. Every season, it is known for celebrating various events that touch lives of their clientele.

In the year 2016, the new Corporate Identity proclaims the shift from “ANMOL JEWELLERS” to “ANMOL – INHERENTLY LUXE”, where the tagline “INHERENTLY LUXE” implies the brand’s clientele who understand and appreciate luxury.

As a strategy, the brand believes in ‘Less is more when it comes to Class’ and the design centric approach as well as the urge to innovate has made ANMOL a national name. Every piece is a unique master piece and is made under the expert supervision of Mr. Ishu Datwani.

One of the catalysts behind ANMOL’s success is the receptive and adaptive approach of the management towards changing market scenarios along with the ability to think out of the box during the most dynamic times of the gems and jewellery sector. The brand also believes in nurturing young talent and changing with times.

ANMOL’s vision is to be the ‘Creator of Trends & Custodian of Trust in the jewellery industry’. In the wake of having proclaimed the Era of Design, the honors and recognitions bagged by ANMOL in the realm of jewellery is to remind that ANMOL is India’s finest and most venerated Jewellery brand.