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Azva has brought alive the idea of concept-based gold jewellery and carved a niche in the bridal gold jewellery market in India – both in terms of craftsmanship and manufacturing. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ashvaa’, Azva is inspired by the seven vows of the Indian wedding tradition and has a life beyond the locker. The collection includes an exquisite range of diverse designs in gold that have a modern appeal. Azva operates as a jewellery brand in the market to establish a strong presence across the country to give consumers an opulent experience of fine crafted jewellery.

Azva has created a stunning collection of hand crafted gold pieces coupled with contemporary designs and values with life beyond lockers. Over the years, Azva has introduced marquee pieces like classic showstopper necklaces, chokers, medallion sets, seven row haars, complete with unique designs in each category, catering to every modern Indian bride