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IIGJ Mumbai presented by Emerald (Gitanjali Sahijwaala, Karan Agarwal, Madhura Bhelkar, Shimani Agarwal, Tanya Ajmera)

IIGJ Mumbai Profle

The Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery (IIGJ) is a project of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. This is a non-profit organization committed to excellence of education in the country. It is the only full-fledged Institute in the country covering training in all aspects of jewellery right from ‘concept to marketing’. IIGJ’s aim is to meet growing demand of skilled professional for the industry. Consequently, Institute’s objective is to cater to the needs of the Gems and Jewellery Industry, which has grown leaps and bounds quantitatively and qualitatively over the last decade. The Institute offers unique basic and advanced courses in the various aspects of jewellery designing and manufacturing to help students develop expertise and proficiency to meet the international standards

Collection Notes :

Lotus Ssutra - by Gitanjli Sahijwaala
The Silver Jewelry is inspired by the Enlightened One. Lotus SSutra is widely regarded as one of the most important, influential and sacred scriptures of Buddhism. Developed around the 5th century, a core theme of the SSutra is the idea that all people are equal and without exception possess the inherent qualities of wisdom, courage and compassion. It states that there is a Buddha in each one of us. Lotus Ssutra's exquisite silver ornaments are crafted with art and passion and seek to awaken the Buddha in its wearer. Handcrafted by the most talented and skilful artisans, silver is used primarily because it is an element that promotes revitalization, strength, focus and helps in the overall body repair. A jewelry line inspired by timeless wisdom, we wish to foster intelligence, good health, peace and prosperity in the lives of all our customers. Enlightenment awaits you each time you adorn a piece of Lotus Ssutra.

Shimani Agarwal theme: ‘DRUZY DZIRE’
Today’s generation, I believe is much more fashionable and demands varieties in almost everything. Thus, it has become extremely difficult to have a huge closet filled with all sorts of expensive gold and diamond studded ornaments. Hence, keeping these factors into consideration, Shimz has come up with an élite range of jewellery collection, which is not only modish but also very affordable to all. My theme for today is ‘DRUZY DZIRE’ which reflects the most stylish fashion jewellery. We have our range of jewellery made up of special type of agates which are exceptionally unique because of its natural aesthetics and appearances. It’s unfinished and rough look is what makes it very eye-catching and alluring. The stones, also called as ‘DRUZY’ is available in wide variety of colours as well as sizes. My theme for today presents to you an amalgamation of the DRUZY stones along with the traditional jewels. I am sure after taking a glimpse at this jewellery, DRUZY is definitely going to be a DZIRE to all!! Presenting to you… ‘DRUZY DZIRE’

Tanya Ajmera: "Feathers of Paradise”,
Introducing my debut collection "Feathers of Paradise”, Feathers! Magical, mystical, incredible feathers! Feathers of all shapes, sizes, varieties, colors. Throughout history, feathers have served as spiritual symbols for shamans and priests, as symbols of royalty for kings and chiefs, symbols of healing, or symbols of sacred power for cultures as far back as ancient Egyptian, Asian or Celtic eras. These cultures possessed abilities to communicate with nature in ways that have been overlooked or forgotten in our own time. Yet feathers are more than history. For many, they are mystical signs, messages, or opportunities. They are scraps of synchronicity in the flowing patchwork of universal meanings. They appear in unlikely places as assurances of well-being, as a comforting sign of abundance in the universe, and as unmistakable messengers of hope and encouragement. The collection symbolises the values of truth, love, lightness and flight. Feathers enable us to fly to new heights and new horizons giving us a new hopes and new begining of new life.

Madhura: Honey comb
The theme being honey bees and honey comb I've used simple hexagon shaped cut outs in places or used them in necklines to show the theme. Black, gold and yellow being the honeybee colours I've used black in the making of the gowns so that the jewellery stands out on the garments and haven't chosen gold or yellow so that the jewellery doesn't get camouflaged.

KaranAgarwal: Candere Collection
Candere Collection displays a wide array of fine jewelry. Every product in the collection is designed in-house drawing inspirations from a variety of genres. Every piece is skillfully crafted with a story behind it and uses the finest quality of diamonds giving every piece a dazzling look. Unique designs and undeniably desirable appeal, the collection of jewellery encapsulates style, glamour, and sophistication...

And the final piece is the combination of art, tradition and displays the finest craftsmanship.