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Moni Agarwal by Kancheepuram Varamahalakshmi Silks

Moni Agarwal Company Profile

Moni Agarwal, is a name that has become synonymous with splendid, one of a kind, brilliant jewellery. Her name has emerged as a must-have for celestial stars of the film industry, global sporting icons, and that special someone with an eye for true style & fashion.

Featured in the hallowed pages of global-style journals, worn on the choicest Red Carpets, and adorned by the who's who; it is Moni's unique & original interpretation of timeless classics, thoroughly modernized, that makes any ornament designed by her, a real work of art.

Her Meeravali collection created mass hysteria, as have all her catwalk showings the world over. And now, after digging deep within her creative, artistic self, soul-searching, travelling, living & experiencing life; this young tour de force of jewellery is ready to dazzle once more. Her inner-artist has awakened once more. It has found its muse. It has been energized. And it has produced one more line of sheer resplendence. All eyes are now solely transfixed in heady anticipation of her latest creations. They are the sensational pieces that form part of her.

Zohrakshi Collection... Moni is now inspired by the most essential occurrences of natural beauty – the Flower. The Zohrakshi then, as the name suggests, is Flowers, re-imagined, refashioned, and reinvented, in that immaculately original, Moni way! Using the most exuberant & brilliant diamonds, the collection is set in gold, embellished with Polki, Emeralds, Rubies & Pearls. The designs are evocative of all the most stunning flowers of the world, drawing from age-old traditions of floral- jewelry, yet marrying that ethos with the absolute contemporary. Like the delicate and intricate arrangements of flowers themselves, these are jewelry pieces that are delicate yet symmetric.

And speaking of delicate symmetry, no collection is complete without the perfect backdrop. Just like a masterful painting needs that impeccable 'frame'; Zohrakshi too will be presented upon a stunning new selection of sarees called Devendri. These dazzling traditional Pattu sarees are the manifestation of a timeless elegance & sophistication, ethereal & beautiful; together the apparel & the jewels culminating in an 'absolute' marriage of form & fashion, tradition & modernism!

For the woman of today, powerful, yet restrained; classic yet forward; empowered yet subtle – Zohrakshi is, her expression in ornaments. It is the perfect manifestation of all these qualities, and it is set to redefine, once again, proud, confident, international, modern, Indian jewelry!


The age old Saree has kept its popularity throughout the centuries because of its total simplicity and practical comfort combined with the sense of luxury and sexuality a woman experiences. Kancheepuram Varamahalakshmi Silks brings the most mesmerizing selection of rare, eternal pure Silk Sarees through "Devendri" collections. These immaculate work of art is the manifestation of a timeless elegance, ethereal & beauty. It’s for those persistent women who aspire larger than life image and wish to wear something unique every single time she dresses up. In this ensemble, each piece is finely crafted to enhance the radiance of the bride. "Devendri" collections represents today's modern women with a blend of fashion, tradition & modernism.