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Aum Monica Kapur stands for all the Jewellery that is required by the modern day women, without losing touch of our roots, bearing this vision in mind Monica Kapur established her boutique in the prestigious Gold Souk Gurgaon in 2004.

Monica Kapur firmly believes Jewellery is not just to do with gold and diamonds but with emotions hence each of her design is made, keeping in mind all aspirations of the one who will adorn it . Jewellery is also customised to make the customer’s dreams come true.

The process of bringing an idea to life is a long and rigorous one, after all pressure is what transforms coal to diamond. Each design is first sketched on paper by Monica Kapur herself and then crafted in copper by some of the finest artisans in the country. After the smallest of flaws have been done away with it is finally crafted in gold and studded with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones.

Monica Kapur graduated from the Delhi University and is professionally trained from The Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery (IIGJ). Her passion to learn more led to a diploma in manufacturin, followed by a course in industry oriented designing which helped her understand the demands of different countries and cultures. This was followed by a diploma in diamond grading. Noticing her talent and immense potential she was appointed as a design instructor at IIGJ.

All this hard work has borne fruit as she has won the India Vision Award (2000),8 Tahiti Pearl trophies (2003-2008) in various categories and also 2 awards in the IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards.

Monica Kapur has been arduously perfecting her craft for over 18 years and bringing smiles over faces worldwide.


Cupid son of Venus, Roman god of carnal love, passion and desire which in Latin means God of Desire.

The inspiration for this collection is the desire for more, which is innate in human nature.

Monica Kapur through her collection comes a step closer in quenching this longing thirst, by displaying designs that are desirable and at the same time trendy, stylish, chic and to top it all collector’s articles which are real pieces of art.

“CUPID” the collection includes mind boggling range of designer jewellery of Necklaces, Haslis, Rani Haars, Pendents, Bracelets, Rings for all women. To the privilege of the men folk the designer has put in special and extra effort in designing and manufacturing, away from tradition a real gem “KALGI” for the most important occasion in ones lifetime.

Fusion of different Elements of nature are seen to be a part of the designs as we notice Sun, flowers, peacocks, sea waves on various designs which makes the collection look extremely lively and perfect for the contemporary women of today.

The masterpieces of the collection are an ultimate treat to the eyes, which are envious in themselves and are DESIRE of one and all.