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Aara by Avantika and Dhruv Singh presented by GJTCI - GDK

About our company

GDK Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is currently based in the capital city of New Delhi, it origins however can be traced back to the historic city of Kota (Rajasthan). A pioneer in the jewellery industry, the company deals in diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. Currently run by the 9th generation of the Kotawala family. GDK Jewels has stood against the test of time with its constant vision for the future and its eternal nod towards the rich heritage of its origins in Rajasthan.

A Brief History

Our forefathers were visionaries with an insight into the future of the industry. They endorsed our rich culture and traditions proudly and set a doctrine that echoes in every aspect of the company. We believe that progress is not the act of discarding the old and replacing it with the new, but rather fostering our culture and heritage to aid its transition into a new era.

For over 180 years, we have scouted the world to acquire the best stones available in our relentless pursuit of excellence. GDK Jewels now does business with the biggest names within the industry in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Israel and Hong Kong. Our global standards of design and manufacturing are appreciated by all and inspire countless new start-ups.

Our Philosophy

We believe that true beauty is timeless & evergreen and all our designs are examples of this belief. Our products bear a name that doesn’t just represent a top shelf company but also lies synonymous with an industry wide standard that we set and raise constantly. GDK Jewels doesn’t limit itself in merely providing its clients with the finest jewellery, we strive to deliver beyond expectations and deliver an experience that raises the industry standards and inclines our clients to return back to our unparalleled experience.

About our Products

Our products are timeless testimony to our philosophy. Sophisticated, awe-inspiring, elegant designs that spark a reverie with every glance dispersed at them. Inspired by nature and the cosmos, they strike a fine balance between elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Designed to bear the name of our forefathers, we ensure that every piece meets our standards through quality assurance. Our jewellery is designed to last for generations and each design is reinforced for extra strength and durability.


Our premiere brand, defines our philosophy of creating design aesthetics that ooze style. Our in-house design team work within the best infrastructure and use the most contemporary processes to create jewellery that shines with confidence and exclusivity. Our jewellery is innovatively tailored to set trends and be at the forefront of design.


Ahmedabad based designer Dhruv Singh’s label is a jewellery design brand that offers exquisite fine jewelry and gold plated fashion jewellery. Each piece is awe inspiring because it is meticulously hand crafted to perfection.

Dhruv designs beautiful and stunning jewellery from a variety of materials, incorporating precious and semi-precious stones, taking inspiration from organic and geometric forms, nature, timeless motifs and current trends. The jewellery is art embodied in an object and becomes a keepsake.

The fact that Dhruv manages to create stunning fashion jewellery with the most mundane and unpretentious materials makes the pieces even more magical. One of his highly acclaimed collections saw cycle chains being transformed into attractive jewellery pieces.

For Dhruv, his designs represent the power and importance of self expression as well as being a symbol of aesthetic beauty.

After pursuing his post graduation at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Dhruv gained hands on experience with leading national and International jewellery brands in Mumbai, including Isharya and Gitanjali Gems & Jewelry. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing his creations in various fashion magazines and events.


The Bijouterie collection brings together a little something for everybody this wedding season. Be it the bride, the friend, the family or the wedding guest, this collection is set to dazzle all.

An eclectic mix of coloured stones, diamonds and pearls, we bring to you exquisitely crafted pieces that can outshine all else. Excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs are the underlying principles of this collection.

The Bijouterie brings together a wide range of styles. Whether one is looking for a regal piece reminiscent of the vintage era or a bold, contemporary piece that can adorn any fashion diva, this collection is high on diversity. The Bijouterie is a tribute to the modern Maharani, a spirited soul not bound by tradition and inhibitions but full of individualistic style, elegance and charisma.


Aaraa by Avantika is a label that offers exquisite handcrafted silver jewellery assemblages creating an entirely new language with the interplay of ethnic and modern ideas. The design language of our jewellery line finds strong influences from the Indian history, culture, art, crafts and architecture. 'Aaraa' is the Arabic synonym for adornment and embellishment.

With Aaraa by Avantika, the idea here is to bring new meaning to silver as a semi precious metal and presenting it in an unconventional way while maintaining its wear-ability.

The label has been founded by the lifestyle accessory designer Avantika Kumar Agrawal, an alumna of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad.

Signature Collection

The Aaraa Signature Collection has been inspired from the flower Lotus. Lotus has always been an essential part of our Indian cultural and religious history as a sacred symbol of creation and rebirth. It is also associated with the concepts of absolute purity and beauty, which stands synonymous with our design ideology. As the logo of the label Aaraa by Avantika also carries a Lotus, it’s aptly named the Signature Collection.

Gold plated silver jewels have been handcrafted using contemporary lotus motifs studded with pearls and lab corundum, ranging from bold neck-pieces to eye catching earrings and maangtikas.