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AAKS Jewels

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AAKS JEWELS PVT LTD, DELHI (INDIA) welcomes you to a world of sparkling rubies and seductive emeralds, pretty sapphires in a flawless duet with diamonds, white corals and amethysts. AAKS Jewellery has a range of necklaces, rings and earrings that are available in plethora of designs and patterns.

Our signature designs brings rich tradition of India with the exquisite and dazzling beauty of diamond jewellery combined together. She offers stunning fashion jewellery that offer a modern and contemporary style with a blend of Indian cultural influence.

AAKS Jewels believes in using age old favourite techniques of craftsmanship with new age manufacturing improvements, using the best procured real gem stones to give a fresh look to the pieces of art.

AAKS Jewels exhibits in leading exhibitions in India and abroad. Wedding Asia , Jalsa and Singapore International Jewellery Week are few to name upon.

We believe that living by strong values is the key to good business. At AAKS JEWELS PVT LTD, a rigorous Code of Conduct and these core values are at the heart of every decision we make.

Egyptian Collection by AAKS JEWELS

AAKS JEWELS unveils its Egyptian Collection of Jewellery on 5th Aug 2015 at IIJW 2015, Mumbai. Jewellery permeated every facet of Egyptian Civilization at every level of society. It was worn as a sign of auspicious and momentous occasions in their lives. Everyone from the meanest peasant to the royal pharaoh himself wore jewellery.

The beginnings of Egyptian jewellery making can be traced to 4000 years B.C. when men of the Badarian culture wrapped around their hips massive girdles of bright green glazed stone beads & shaped bangles of ivory & amulets of shell. Of all the products of the ancient Egyptian civilization their jewellery is perhaps the most characteristic.

The Egyptian jewellery maker did not use precious stone in the true sense of the world.What he held most valuable the modern would only consider semi precious. Some of the most pleasing effects were obtained using man made material such as glazed composition & glass in imitation of semi precious stones. Most of the materials used were chosen not because their colours created a particular effect, but because colors for Egyptians had an underlying symbolism or amuletic significance.

Green colour was most favoured by the Egyptian for it represented fertility the most commonly used green stone was turquoise. The other principal green stone used were green jasper & green feldspar. For the colour blue they to a great extent Lapis lazuli. The Egyptian jewellery maker made use of an amazing variety of stones, minerals & animal products the other stones used by them were agates, amethysts, beryl, cornelian & haematite (opaque black or black grey iron oxide with a metallic sheen ) & quartz.

The craftsman used enormous amount of the gold in the production of jewellery. Apart from gold, they also used electrum, an artificially produced compound of which the main constituents were gold & silver.

At AAKS JEWELS, we have revised the heritage collections in a way that today, modern women can wear it and enjoy its rich culture as per her taste and preferences. AAKS JEWELS has tried and blended rich Egyptian Jewellery culture with the Indian traditional and modern culture.